But Why Seven Hertz

What is Seven Hertz?

Seven Hertz is simply an Idea about the frequency in between a state of relaxation and meditation. It is meant to be a message to allow yourself to be a part of a frequency traveling at seven hertz, at which we can all relax,enjoy, and rejuvenate. All of our writing comes from some state of relaxation and we aim to allow you to experience it for yourself.

Relaxation and Well being

What do you mean frequency?

Well if we were to define it by dictionary standards frequency can seem complicated. To try and make it simple you can just think of a frequency as ocean waves. If we consider every wave a cycle and focus on how fast they reach the shore we have pretty much figured out how to measure frequency. Obviously the ocean is calmer if there is longer pauses in between the waves and less calm the shorter the time between the waves. In this same fashion we want to achieve a lower frequency of waves.
What waves you might be wondering. We are not oceans but we do have waves within our bodies. We have many different types of waves coursing through our entire bodies. One of the most important types of waves and the ones which we refer to when we say we want to achieve a frequency of seven hertz is our brain waves.

Frequency and your well-being

Sooner than later you may start to understand what it is that we are trying to imply. Your body as well as your brain function because of energy and this type of energy emits a certain frequency. You surely can notice how certain foods effect you, how certain music effects you. This isn’t some weird magic or some extremely complicated science. It is part of your life journey and we are all on the same journey when it comes to caring for our well-being. Together we hope to explore and journey towards achieving a seven hertz mind.